Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missed Connections

Dear Guy who may or may not have been an Albertson's employee.

Yesterday, as I was looking for a cheap box of Devil's Food cake mix and you were busy inspecting and marking frosting containers with a marker, I know that you were not trying to be rude as you stood directly in front of all the mixes thus blocking my view of the merchandise and then as you did nothing as you watched me struggle to lift two boxes to get the the cake mix that I wanted, and then as I put the boxes back, and then replace the sign. Your mother probably forgot to teach you to help people, particularly ladies, when you see that they are struggling with heavy boxes. Maybe you didn't have a mother....or a father. I don't know so I won't judge, even though if you indeed are an Albertson's employee I was doing your job for you. Thank you for reminding me to teach my sons how to behave around women.

But next time I will probably talk to your boss.


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