Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Buy this Breakfast Nook!

Here it is. My wonderful Visiting Teacher Kristin came over this afternoon and washed and painted my breakfast nook while I tackled the kitchen.

Dear people who will buy my house,
I am working my tushie off for you.
Hope you like it,
-Samurai Mom


Afton said...

The fact that the sun shone for this picture is a portent of a generous offer and expedient sale. I'm sure of it!

grandmawhitehouse said...

How about a new chandelier that you get from a thrift store and paint or do something amazing to? Its all about staging. I'm sure you have the time.

Anonymous said...

Getting a house ready to sale is a lot of work. Good Luck!

I tried to find a way to contact you through your blog, but can't find one. Will you email me, through my profile. I would love to talk with you about a homeschooling project i'm working on. Thanks, Dana