Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buy This WIndow Seat

"You should sit in your window seat." La Keira has been telling me for months. I agree, I should. When our offer on this house was accepted I spent the remaining 2 months before we moved in dreaming of the things I would do to the window seat. I dreamt of the books I would read there.

The day we got the keys I came in and sat on the window seat and realized it was really hard and there was no place to put one's back to recline, it is cold when you lean on an actual window. So, I put some pillows on it and learned that they slipped right off the window sill. I thought about making a fitted banquette cushion but the windows were too close to the seat and eventually I gave up my dream of a reading nook.
For 8 years we have used it as a place to put stuff and at one time Camrock used it as a platform from which to play Spiderman. At Christmas we decorate it and it sits there just holding stuff.
And now I have artfully arranged it so that it looks like some one could sit there and read books.


Shawnel said...

Tricky! Now someone else will dream of reading books there and when they buy the house they will fail. Hey... but at least they would have bought the house!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What an awesome little space. I could find myself spending hours there with some good magazines.
So you collect mailboxes. How neat! I will have to pass the word if I come across one for ya~ Stay warm..Susie

Keira said...

How book-nook this looks...

Samurai Mom said...

I do collect them here is a link to the one I have
thanks for stopping by.