Sunday, February 28, 2010

Samurai Mom Steps Out

I don't blog very often about our homeschool adventures mostly because this blog is my space where I share what is exciting to ME. It's my way of taking time for myself. Not that I don't LOVE homeschooling and think my kids are amazing, it's just that it isn't very spectacular in a way that one can see. It is a process that take time and little, tiny, agonizingly slow steps.

That will change as I have been asked to be a regular contributor to a new homeschooling blog, Latter-day Homeschooling! So saunter over there and check it out. It won't be hard to find my post, there is only one so far and it is about how I am moving. There hasn't been much blogging by Samurai Mom anywhere because I am busy yelling "Pick that up RIGHT NOW!" and obsessing over the amount of dust that accumulates in one day. Perhaps I should take this time to FOCUS on blogging?

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Keira said...

What!? You home school!?