Tuesday, March 02, 2010

20 Things to Keep Your Children Busy

Today we were exiled from our house for a few hours so the kids and I made a list and had a photo scavenger hunt. It was pretty cute watching them roam around with a camera.A crocodile
A light bulb
A box
The number 9Something that costs $4
A baby (Comment "We had to take this one from far away.")
An Eagle
A yellow sign
A mushroom
A tree
A Toyota
A pink bathtub
or sink (there was in fact an entire row of pink sinks)
Something with wheels
another mushroom
An American flag
A red arrow
A blue bird
And a pink Cadillac (this wasn't on the list but we HAD to take a picture!)


Unknown said...

What a fun idea!

Keira said...

Were they trying to find things the whole time or was there a lot of "travel whining" in between sightings?

Samurai Mom said...

The whining was at Ikea which was before I let them start the hunt because at Smaland kept them occupied and the scavenger hunt sas designed specifically to keep them busy at Fabric Depot and the rebuilding Center.