Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Waffle, GO!

There is always a queue at The Waffle Window

I really have to give a shout out to Amy Karol over at Angry Chicken. I don't know her, I am just one of many that read her blog, the difference is that I too live in Portland. Amy often blogs about local places, so when she mentions a place I can actually check it out. This December, Amy posted about the Happy Sparrow Cafe and I packed up the kids that very afternoon for an impromptu outing and experienced kaloche.
Last week she mentioned The Waffle Window and the kids and I headed over to their website and started drooling. After that the kids asked 3-4 times a day when we would be going to "Waffle Windows." Well Camrock and Nutmeg did, Boba Fett insisted that he wanted NOTHING to do with waffles no matter what type of exit they were procured from.
Camrock eagerly anticipating waffles, his favorite food

Saturday, we were exiled from our home so we made a trip to the "Eastside" to sample some waffle delights, Boba Fett declared his discontent the entire way.
Boba Fett doesn't want waffles and orders 2 slices of Bacon instead.

We walked up to the window and ordered. It was a sunny but windy day so we were happy that there was "Waffle Window Seating" inside Bread and Ink Cafe in addition to the outdoor seating. Bread and Ink Cafe is VERY Portland so you can expect to expose your children to lots of tattoos, piercings and alternative lifestyles when visiting.

O.K., so, these waffles are Li├Ęge Waffles which are a Belgian thing and have a coating of something called "pearl sugar." I am not sure of the details but it seemed to me like a hard glaze. All of the waffles have the glaze and then toppings are added on top. The Whole Farm

I wanted to try a savory waffle so I went big and got "The Whole Farm" which is also the most expensive item on the menu at $5. It was delicious but if I were to do it again I would ask for less spinach and fewer mushrooms they were a bit much for me but the chevre was perfect. Now remember all of this was on top of a sweet waffle. It was the perfect combination. "Incroyable, je sais!"
I am looking forward to trying the 3 B's (Bacon, Brie and Basil) or a Seasonal Jam and Panna Cotta Waffle.
Nutmeg and Camrock each ordered the Chocolate Dipped Waffle ($2.50.) I think these were the best of what we ordered. They were served cold so you could easily buy one and take it home for a midnight snack.
Moose ordered the Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich ($3.50) It was huge and according to the rest of my family GREAT. I am not an ice cream fan so I refrained. Moose said that it is big so you should share it. Boba Fett and Nutmeg are planning on doing that next time. Yes, there will be a next time and Boba Fett is now The Waffle Window's biggest fan.

You can visit The Waffle Window the next time you are in the Hawthorne Neighborhood shopping for vintage or catching a movie at The Bagdad.

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