Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Like Being Engaged to Cary Grant

When discussing my obsession (otherwise known as the fabulous house on which we have an offer accepted) I keep saying to my friends "I don't deserve that house" and they always come back with an enthusiastic "Yes, you do!" While it is very gratifying to know that all of my acquaintances are certain that I deserve the best house in town, I think that I am not expressing my feelings correctly. What I think I really mean is that it is too good to be true. An illustration, if you will:
It's like you are an ordinary girl and you somehow find yourself engaged to Cary Grant. You aren't quite sure how it happened but there is a ring on your finger and Cary Grant keeps hanging around, making eyes at you, declaring his love etc. You discuss things like guest lists and honeymoon destinations. It really looks like you are going to marry Cary Grant but you can't quite figure out how you managed to hit the jackpot. You feel a bit wary because how could Cary Grant even notice you let alone pick you out of all the stars in Hollywood? It just feels to good to be true and you are really afraid that Grace Kelly is going to show up and change his mind.

That is how I feel about the house, incredibly grateful, lucky and wary. Suspicion?

I realize that my story is preposterous because as everyone knows, Cary Grant wouldn't wait for a wedding, he would elope.

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