Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a Copy Cat and I Don't Care

I saw this post yesterday and hastened myself to Joann because I needed a centerpiece for the table so that I can stop buying so many fresh flowers, and because I am mad about ranunculus.

Not angry mad but crazy mad.

I didn't even know that ranunculus existed until last spring when I saw them Home Depot. I thought that they were lovely that I bought a bag and planted them. They never came up, happily, the silk flowers look as good as the real thing.

Not only did I find ranunculus but I found the exact plants that Samster Mommy used in her box. Usually I try to make things my own but I love the freshness of this color. May these words never come from my fingers again; but, good thing Joann has the same stuff all over the country.
Super easy, the cost was about $15 which is more than I would have liked but the tiny basket was $5. Seriously Joann, I know that basket cost like 25 cents to make.

Nutmeg helped, in fact Nutmeg did most of it, she was a real tyrant and barely let me do anything but trim the stems.
She is pretty proud.


grandmawhitehouse said...

Margaret is so talented

Samurai Mom said...

She got her flower arranging talent from her Grandma.