Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Night Cinema

This week: Room for One More
Starring: Cary Grant and Betsy Drake also George Winslow
Director: Norman Taurog
Date: 1952

This movie was hard to find, I have been hoping to see it for years. Luckily it was released on DVD last year and my library got a copy of it early this year which was great news for me because I loved it. "Delightful" is an appropriate adjective for this movie. I am thinking about purchasing this movie I because I want my kids to internalize the messages.

"Room for One More" is saccharine sweet but Cary Grant manages to balance it out with his characteristic delivery. The youngest child "Teenie" is played by George Winslow, the ordinary looking little boy with the "froggy bass voice."
Betsy Drake was married to Cary Grant at the time so it is interesting to watch their interaction.

This movie exemplifies 1952 America. I am surprised that there wasn't an apple pie served.

Anne Rose has a big heart and is always taking in strays, one day the "stray" is a troubled girl from the orphanage, then it is a handicapped boy. Anne and "Poppy" show incredible patience and insight and help these two children become well adjusted young people as well as continue to raise their own three children.

What I loved about this is that they were not afraid to let the children fail.

There is an unabashed plug for the Foster care system as well as what might have well been an advertisement for the Boy Scouts of America including an Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

Cary Grant explains the birds and the bees to "Jimmy John" in a scene that explains everything and nothing all at once and another scene where a litter of kittens is actually being born.

There is another scene which I can't mention here because this is a family blog but when you watch the movie you will get it but the kids won't. Hilarious.

Based on the foster care and Boy Scouts of America I have a feeling that my Hanna friends are going to give this a huge thumbs up.

As for me I give it 6 out of 7 thimbles which is very, very good.

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I will enjoy this, I am sure.