Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Things are looking very good for our little family and our new home. There are only two things that now bar the way and one of them needs to happen. I need to find a job by the 12th of April or our house needs to sell. There have been so many obstacles along this path and through faith and prayer the Lord has provided away around, through or over each one. This is the only one that stands.

I will be honest, the prospect of getting a job after a decade of full time mothering is NOT appealing to me. I really would rather SELL THIS HOUSE!

But I will do it because this new home will be worth it. So if you know of a job that would be awesome for seamstress with wicked cool public speaking and customer service skills and can help me pay a mortgage please hook me up!


Anonymous said...

Would you stop homeschooling? I can't imagine any house being worth giving that up.

Samurai Mom said...

No, absolutely not. I would need a night/weekend job or something I can do from home.

dlmead said...

We still desperately need people at walgreens. Mostly nights.