Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Look

First there was Dior with the "New Look" fitted jacket, nipped in waist and a full skirt.
The New Look marked an abrupt change in fashion and one of my personal favorite periods in costume.
Now we have Nutmeg with the "New New Look"
The New New Look is delicate, whimsical and practical.
Mussy self cropped hair, leotards, pastel colors, tulle, tights, mid-thigh tutus, and mid-calf galoshes; get yours today!


legendswife said...

hey, that outfit looks like it just came off the runway...seriously:) So cute!

Keira said...

Spencer only wore "New Look" shoes last year. At least I didn't have to tie up laces!

grandmawhitehouse said...

Looks better than the runway. She looks darling.