Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why I am a Bore at Parties

It really bugs me when bloggers start a post with "Sorry, I haven't posted lately but I have been really busy blah, blah, blah." Just know that as I proceed with this post because the next words are: Sorry, I haven't posted lately but I have been so busy obsessing over the house we put an offer on.

I am sure that you think I exaggerate when I say obsessing, but I assure you that I am not. Obsessing is exactly what I have been doing. Ask any of my acquaintances and they will confirm that the only thing I talk about is the prospective house and that eventually I end up steering any conversation in that direction.

I know, I know, I am a bore.

I am just so excited and it seems to good to be true. It is so me. The house was built in 1950, updated in the 80's, has loads of charm and is in excellent condition. It is big and it has a ...wait for it...basement. A basement. In Portland. Oh, and it is in our church ward which is the number one requirement for our new home.

The offer has been put in and has been accepted but it is a short sale and if you know anything about the real estate market these days, a short sale is no picnic, takes eons to complete and isn't a sure thing until the papers are signed and the keys have changed hands.

Friends of mine who are also friends of the current owners tell me that the current owners are delightful and hope that the next owners will be a good family. I hope we are good enough! If pre-owner obsession is any indication of fitness for this house then I am qualified!

But the real reason I haven't blogged about this is that if I blog it, it makes it real, and there are witnesses. What if it all falls apart? Then I will have a permanent cyber-reminder of the house I fell in love with and lost. And it will be there forever reminding me and others of what could have been. I really truly thought about not blogging about it until the keys were in hand, but that isn't like me is it?

Look, I did it again. It's all about me and this house. Let's just pray that we can close this deal and I can stop annoying everyone with the trials and tribulations of my new house obsession.

P.S. Our house is still for sale and we REALLY need it to sell, fast. We also lowered the price. So if you know anyone who needs a 4 bedroom in the Bethany area at a great price please message me and I will send you a link.

P. P. S. I have not been stalking the house. I only drive by it if it is on my way somewhere which isn't nearly as often as I might hope.


grandmawhitehouse said...

Love the house, worth obsessing over. I hope there is parent and In- Law quarters.

Keira said...

You are a teensy-weensy obsessive. I can't wait to help you paint it.