Thursday, April 15, 2010

Motherhood, Don't Miss It for the World

I remember so clearly, were walking out of a store, Camrock was just 3 days old snuggled up in my sling and I turned to my mother and said "Mom, I just love him SO much!" I didn't know how much a person could love another person until he came into my life. I mean you think you love your husband, really, really love him and then this little one shows up and you KNOW that what you felt before was nothing compared to this. That all you have or ever could accomplish means nothing without those little spirits in your care.

I always feel so sorry for those women who consciously choose NOT to become a mother. How sad to miss out on this.

To Camrock, Happy Birthday, thank you for a decade of motherhood, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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Justice Pirate said...

I think this is super sweet. I'm a mom of two and WANT to homeschool and stay at home with them, but they are too young for school still. Maybe you can help inspire me with how you are able to do so. I've been reading through your blog entries by the way, and you are amazing.