Thursday, April 08, 2010

One Year of Unplugged

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our Unplugged Experiment. It isn't really and experiment any longer, we have decided it is a keeper.
One year ago I decided that it was time for extreme measures and send all of the remote controls to work with Moose while I and my plucky band of small people were left to amuse ourselves in other ways. We were not allowed to play on the computer or watch TV until Moose came home from work.

Occasionally, on Mondays we watch an episode of "Nature" together.

The results? We are now able to maintain some sort of a routine during the day. Increased imaginative play in all the children. Those same children playing with one another in general harmony. Commander C has become an avid reader and has taken to drawing comics. Boba Fett continues to ask questions that floor us and is learning to read. Nutmeg has learned to knit AND read and spends hours a day writing and drawing and dancing. I grew a garden, created an entirely new form of biking, started a fashion empire, kicked a congressman's butt and fell in love with a house.

Our pet fish still live.

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bd said...

Plus the kids are super excited to see me when I come home. Although not for the right reasons. Can't win them all, eh?