Friday, January 21, 2011

Do You Think "They" are Reading Samurai Mom Too?

Have you read this article about women who just can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs?

I wanted to post about why I think Momon women are such fascinating bloggers and I have my own opinions on feminism. My very first posts were about motherhood vs. feminism.  But alas, today is not that day and this post is not that post.

I just want to affirm that marriage IS wonderful.  Being a mother IS the most important and fulfilling job a woman can have.  That Mormon women DO really do all the tings they blog about.  That for the most part we ARE happy.  In short, we are the real deal.

Sure we clean up before we take a photo of the house and we don't talk much about the kid that has a serious back talking problem as much as the nice things he does because focusing on the positive is just so much more inspiring for the blogger and the reader.

That said, the kids are recovering from our 2 sick days and are FULL of energy.  They just keep making noise and it is driving me nuts.  I am SO glad that Moose and I have a date tonight!

P.S.   Maybe that is why we are so happy, the church advocates making date night a priority!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

THANK YOU so much for saying this! I was feeling the same thing as I read that article earlier this week. YO...WE'RE FOR REAL. We don't love everything about our jobs, but we do love our lives and make the most of every day. We get depressed, we get sick, we get all the same feelings as any other woman out there in any other occupation...but we shine right through it and live to see better days...and as you said...we see the good in the world and in daily life. Thank you for this post!

Keira said...

I try not to use my blog to rag on my husband and kids when they get on my nerves (breaking the first commandment of blogging: Never blog in anger.) so I don't think it's that we think our lives are shiny and perfect but that the blog highlights a part of those lives. Still, I'm very comfortable with my life choices and happy about them.

So put me under a microscope, study me, look around. You'll find a joyful (not thrilled to bits with croup and nausea and home-destroying children...) woman with a testimony of her calling in life and as a woman of God.

Anonymous said...

Yeah "they" (read me) are reading this too! hehe
Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!
I am a very happily married mama with three kids and stumbled across your blog about 6 months back. I never watch TV - just read books and blogs. Please keep up the great writing and sharing.

Not quite the Bradys said...

SamMom- I LOVED this. Thanks for the link to that article. Very interesting. I think it's funny that she insinuates doing what we do wouldn't be much fun if we did it every day. It seems that she is juxtaposing that against having a career where- much more often than not- people do the SAME THINGS every day. Silly. Thanks for your testimony.