Friday, January 07, 2011

Is there A Money Saving App?

Moose and I gave each other in the most unromantic and least secretive way Android phones for Christmas.  By unromantic I mean we dashed into Best Buy on Black Friday and bought them.  By least secretive I mean we bought them together and then I wrapped them, hauled them to Montana, then a week later we unwrapped them.

I didn't think that we could afford them and now looking at my financial planner on my new Android phone I see that I was right.  We should have given each other handmade coupon books and socks and that is it.

The good news is that we are Virgin Mobile customers so we get unlimited web, text and data with an adequate amount of minutes  for $25 a month no contract.  It makes me happy to know that we won't be sinking tons of money into a plan just because we were a little foolish on Black Friday.
I have already strengthened relationships because many of my friends and family members are REALLY happy that they can text me all the time now. And really if you were my sister you would want to tell me things all the time, wouldn't you? I am happy too because I can nag Moose without hearing his annoyed voice on the other end of the phone.  I can also send him lists of things to get at the grocery store all the time.

If only La Keira would figure out texting we could realize the Batphone dream.

I am totally excited to use my scriptures app at church on Sunday and not have to add my heavy quad to the already heavy Keep-the-Kids-Entertained-and-Quiet-During-Sacrament-Meeting bag.

But still I feel guilty that we spent so much money.  In my defense my Mom told me we should do it, and we all know that we should listen to our mothers.

I am hoping that I will be able to use the phone to help me save money like my brother did when we were Christmas shopping.  I have joined Groupon, am working on figuring out the barcode scanner and the aforementioned financial planner will help me feel really guilty and think 5 times before spending ANY money.

Do you have any helpful money saving tips you have realized with your smart phone?


bd said...

Unromantic? Clearly you are not male, because if you were, you'd realize that a new android smartphone is the only way to my digital heart.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I don't have a smartphone!

Afton said...

I love Virgin Mobile. No contract is totally worth it. That's smart right there. If I had a smart phone and not a phone that was 7 years old, I would get that ap that puts all your store cards on the phone so you can carry a skinnier wallet.

Danielle said...

We love the Android phone! We use the barcode scanner to find out if something's a good deal or if there is a cheaper price elsewhere. We've also looked up products while listening to annoying sales people to know if what they are saying is true or is really a good deal.

Actually, a lot of times we find that something is cheaper somewhere else, decide to wait and get it later, and then end up forgetting about it - since we didn't need it after all.

That's awesome that you don't have a contract!