Monday, January 17, 2011

Supplemental Income

Many couples are looking for ways to add to the household income in these tough economic times.  Here at Starlings we are no different as evidenced by a recent conversation.

Me: You need to make more money.
Moose: Oh, why?
Me: Because I need a maid and a cook, or maybe just a housekeeper, I think they can do both.  Maybe you should start a crime syndicate.
Moose: Well, I have been watching this Dillinger movie and crime really does pay.
Me: Until you get shot in front of a theater.
Moose: But then Johnny Depp will play me in a movie and we can have the royalties.
Me: Profits.


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Sherrie said...

Matt and I often have the same conversation. We just need to open a small business together :)