Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stash Bustin'

Saturday, I tackled a project that has been in my "to do" basket for 2 years, a straight skirt made out of pin-tucked wool.  All it needed was a lining, for two years!

Why have I been putting it off for so long? I will try to get a picture of it this week.

Finishing up this project was so satisfying (until I ran out of bobbin thread at the last 2 inches) that I have decided to spend some time in the studio every week day working on all of those half finished projects.

Let me know if you are inspired to do the same.

Wish me luck and Happy Stash Bustin'!


Afton said...

I finally took 2 stacks of fat quarters and made 5 buttercup bags. I'm hoping to get a few more bags out of it. They look awesome. Actually, I should say they WILL look awesome as soon as I finish putting them together.

Afton said...

Oh, and I believe it is a rule that the bobbin has to run out in the last 2 inches. Along with the rule that the smoke detector battery ALWAYS runs out at 2am.

un loco de por ahí said...

muy bonito (:

grandmawhitehouse said...

I was thinking the same thing but I just don't seem to find the time. I think I wear to many hats.