Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boys and the Women Who Put Up With Them

We are finishing up the final details before the Wedding of Moose's nephew.  We are hosting the groom's dinner/family reunion on Friday and Nutmeg is the flower girl on Saturday.  The maids arrive in one hour.  The maids!  I wish I had more time to enjoy this moment.

Yesterday, I had all 3 kids with me while running errands (a rare occurrence)  and we stopped at Khol's to get a HAWT skinny tie for Moose. (Dressing him up is SO fun.) The kids were running all over the place, as they are not used to department stores, as I was paying this is what occurred:
I shall used Commander C's words so you can imagine a 11 year old saying this and blushing.
"Boba Fett said to me "Look at this" and ran up to a mannequin and pulled out the shirt and looked down her breast! *BLUSH*"
He still sill can't talk about it without squirming, blushing and giggling.

Later in the parking lot Commander C kept giggling and saying "I can't believe you did that." And Boba Fett was giggling with pride.
 Then I realized that I saw him do it.  I was standing there and watching him.

There isn't any delicate way to put this so here it is.  I spend at LEAST a total of an hour everyday of slapping Moose's hands and trying to get him to STOP doing the same thing.  So much so that when I stood there and watched my 7 year old peek at a mannequin's assets it didn't even register.  Boys looking down girl's shirts in my mind, completely normal.
Until they were talking about it in the parking lot it didn't even register.

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