Friday, June 03, 2011

June 3, 2011: The Day the Sun Shone

There is sun today.  No clouds, no rain.  The weather men told us this wouldn't happen to until tomorrow!
 Since the sun was out I thought I would take a look at my garden bed in the light to see what had happened in the week of darkness and rain. Sadly all of my very, very tiny (think 1/4") lettuce sprouts have disappeared.  I have. No. Idea. What. Happened.  So, I will have to plant lettuce for the 6th time this spring.

Boba Fett was pretty disappointed this morning when what he thought was a leaf turned out to be a frog and the frog escaped before he could catch it.  He is in the market for a frog so if you manage to catch one you know where to send it.
Pretty Purple Chives
And finally, after 2 years of waiting and searching for lovely mums, today, I am going to Kings Mum's in Oregon City to pick up my beautiful Chrysanthemums!!!

Oh, and I had 4 inches of my hair cut off this morning.  Thanks Melissa! Grace Kelly Hair, here I come!


Shawnel said...

He can come here and catch about 3 a day. They are always out in the evenings.

jafreakinessa said...

or he can catch a lizard here if i choose to not be lazy like i was with shawnel kids. Oh and i want a pic of the hair!!!