Friday, June 24, 2011

Unwind Week

We have been taking it very easy this week in an attempt to relax after the weekend's busy pace.
In the sewing room I am working on a shirtwaist dress made from a lovely taupe and coral vintage sheet.

Tuesday was a hot day, Nutmeg and I played in the hammock because she wanted to "do summery things" with me.

Then we turned on the sprinkler.

Wednesday while we were having our Relief Society History Study Group I looked out the window and saw a ladder and this:

I bought a new shirt, I had it on for less than 15 minutes this morning when I got bleach on it and ruined it.  UGH!

The ranunculus are in full bloom and I am so pleased.  I had planted ranunculus before with NO success. 
 They really came through this year and everyone comments on them.
 That is my blue minivan in the background.  Speaking of my blue minivan, last night I was at Fred Meyer, I parked RIGHT in front of the store at the curb.  When I came out I was opening my Zours and looking at the Cami Secrets I had just purchased,  I saw my van out in the lot and walked over, pushed the button and got in.
As I sat down I noticed something hanging from the rear view mirror which was odd because I never hang things from the rear view mirror, and there was a faint cigarette smoke smell and that was strange because I don't smoke, and then I saw a McDonald's wrapper on the floor and that NEVER happens in my car. Suddenly, I knew. This. Was. Not. My. Van.

I popped out lickety split and looked about frantically for my van - it wasn't in the lot.  Then I remembered, I got the best parking spot at the store, right on the curb.

Why was that Dodge Caravan unlocked?


Simply Sara said...

hehe i did the same thing once with my rodeo. it was the exact same and parked in almost the exact spot i did (there was a big white van right in between the two rodeos blocking my vision of mine)i got in and it smelled weird and i looked over and saw sun glasses and noticed the seats weren't leather. I was like eek! and hopped right out. Once i found MY car on the other side of the van i noticed a lady laughing at me since she had just figured out what and happened. tehe

jafreakinessa said...

he he he! you should have left a note saying lock your car next time!! I love those flowers that i have never heard of they are beautiful and i am very sorry for the loss of your new shirt i would die if that happened to me :(

grandmawhitehouse said...

I love the flowers!!!!! what some!!!!
What a sneaky boy. Hehehe

Caren with a "C" said...

Oh my... that is so crazy! Once my car remote actually turned the alarm on for another car in the parking lot near us. We had fun turning it on and off for awhile.