Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where is the "I Know You Well Enough to Hug You" Line?

I hugged an acquaintance today upon hearing some really joyful news. But then as I left the dry cleaner's I realized that I don't know her well enough to be dispensing hugs.  Now its awkward (with me anyway.).  Good thing I don't see her much, hence the possible inappropriateness.  I am just hoping she doesn't think it was weird and just genuine.

In other news the wedding extravaganza went well-ish.  By well-ish I mean most people had a lovely time and things went very smoothly with the exception of my Mother in Law breaking her pelvis.  It happened here at Starlings and while it wasn't my fault at all I still  feel responsible.
 Nutmeg was a darling and dutiful flower girl

 She ran out of petals by the time she got to the tent so she self regulated to one petal at a time.
She was freezing but did her best to keep warm.

And then at the reception she wiped her chocolaty and bacon wrapped scallop hands all over her dress.  I think I handled it very well, which is why I was at the dry cleaner's in the first place.


Simply Sara said...

at least she is finally starting to get the hang of this whole flower girl thing. Doesn't look like she cried OR pouted!

Samurai Mom said...

This time she didn't have a 104 degree fever either.

jafreakinessa said...

i would like a picture of the chocolate bacon scallop dress. do you have one?

Jessica said...

I would like a picture of what you wore! I find myself in those awkward hugging moments quite frequently. It's how I was raised...we hug. It didn't occur to me til about a year ago that maybe some people don't like near strangers hugging them...Now I am very conservative wig my hugs and I hate it.