Monday, April 07, 2008


I finished watching Sense and Sensibility on Masterpiece last night (yes, it was very good.) In the previews for the next round of Masterpiece they had Cranford. Cranford! So, right now you are thinking what is Cranford? Cranford is a delightful pastoral novel by Mrs. Gaskell. I discovered Gaskell when reading all the biographies I could find on Charlotte Bronte. Mrs. Gaskell actually met and interviewed Charlotte before her death. I enjoyed the biography and read many of Gaskell's other works. My favorite is Cranford followed by North and South (no, not that North and South.) Take the time to read this book it is very short and so charming. Then watch it on Masterpiece, you won't be disappointed (I hope) Judi Dench is in it!
My favorite part is when a friend sends the women a "cage" and they can't figure out what it is for.

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Jenny said...

Wow, never heard of it! I'm going to go check that out! Thanks!