Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hawaii is good for the economy

Not only do you spend oodles of money getting to, staying in, and partaking of tourist delights in Paradise, but you get to spend tons of money preparing to go to Hawaii. Our modest list includes a new digital camera, swimming suits, underwear, luggage and clothing. We are also spending our money from China, I mean the government stimulus package on this trip, any other year we would have wisely saved it for when the Chinese want their money back.

I don't have a whole lot of time to shop for clothes or rather I avoid shopping for clothes with 3 munchkins in tow at all costs. So, I have been shopping online, a dangerous proposition for someone who rarely finds clothes that fit on the rack. My swimming suit has been purchased in pieces. The top has not arrived yet but the bottoms came last week... That mass of coral you see above that is my swim bottoms. That tiny hand that is my hand, see how you are looking down my long arm, that is how far I had to hold the camera to get the entire piece in the frame. I couldn't believe that much fabric was needed for my suit, I was right they could have used less. I also learned something else, swim skirts aren't just nice, they are now a necessity for me. There are parts of my body that will never be seen in public again. This *ahem* little number will be sent back to Land's End post haste. It is a really cute style but not on me and that color simply will not do.

I was buying other items of clothing online just yesterday. I found a dress and a few tops and purchased them and I had to pay shipping. Then today the same place unveils their swim line, and they have just the right swim skirt for me. Alas my order has already shipped so I will have to pay shipping again. Yuck. That is a lot of shipping for one suit, which is also good for the economy.

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Jenny said...

Swim Suits are the devil! We have a swimming pool in our HOA, right down the street, so of course I have to get a swim suite because we live there in the summer, but it was seriously the hardest thing trying to find a decent swim suit and I still don't think I did, or wait...maybe that's the body that's in it lol. Check out