Sunday, April 06, 2008

March Reading list

God's Politics - by Jim Wallis
This was a very thought provoking book. It really made me examine issues that I thought I held to moral high ground on. As a book group we really felt the need to do more for the poor but disagree with Wallis that the government should do something about it. I feel it is everyone's personal responsibility, not one we should delegate.

Currently Reading:
The Merry Adventures of Robing Hood - By Howard Pyle
We are still pressing forward, it is a long book and difficult reading. Some nights the boys aren't listening so I don't read very long. We are enjoying it.

Free To Choose - by Milton and Rose Friedman
This is for our TJEd book goup. I have only just started. I am very excited because Friedman was so smart.

I, Robot - by Isaac Asimov
A little out of my usual reading material. Reading this for the other book group. This is an easy read, has interesting ideas and some parts are hilarious 60 years after it was written (not intentional.)

The Book of Mormon -
Still doing this is fits and starts but better than usual.

Teach the Children - by Neal Flinders
Haven't picked this up in about a month. Looking forward to getting back to it.

Up Next:

Dead Reckoning - By my friend Craig Cheney and his brothers Jeffery and Jared

Leadership Education, The Phases of Learning - By Oliver deMille

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