Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Den of Iniquity

I was just on the phone with Kiera and I said "We'll, I'll let you go. I am about to descend in to the..." "Den of iniquity?" she supplied. "Yes." I replied with apprehension as I looked down the stairs.

I think I need to regain control. While is isn't exactly hedonism, it is a little bit Lord of the Flies around here. There has been a palpable feeling of "the children have taken over." in the air.

As I type Commander C is holding his weapon "gansta" style and I just cocked a 10 round Nerf dart gun for my tiny, snarled haired 2 year old girl. The yelps have reached a dangerous decibel level.

Time for the Primary Children's Songbook CD.

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