Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hate - a deadly sin?

I couldn't find hate as a deadly sin (Mormons think all sins are pretty much bad) by my parochially educated husband informs me that hate is included in wrath.
I don't think that we should Hate, we should certainly not hate people. I think that there is too much hate in this world and we should all start loving more and hating less.
That said, I have a very short list of things that I hate. My husband and children have the list memorized.
The three things I hate are:
1. Being Late
2. Wasting
3. Styrofoam
I am sure these are all self explanatory, if you can't figure out why I hate Styrofoam , let me know and I will mail you a package, you let the kids play in it, and then you can count how many years it takes to get every peice out of your house.
There has however recently been a new addition. Actually I have hated it for at least 5 years now but only recently did I decide to add it to the list...
4. Intel's T-comp Handbook
If there is ever a problem or question about your benefits at Intel, there is not a single person at Intel to help you out. There is only the all knowing and completely inept T-Comp Handbook. May it burn forever. In fact that is a good Idea, I think I have one, a little purging bonfire may be in order.


Jenny said... make me laugh! I too hate being late and styrofoam is definately an annoyance...haven't experienced the Intel T-comp handbook but can appreciate those sort of situations...a little like insurance handbooks...who reads those things anyway.

Raspberry Leaf said...

ROTFLOL I agree 100% with your hates... and boy are you right about styrofoam- it gives me panic attacks to find it in my packages!

As for the T-comp Handbook, I don't have any experience in that.