Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When it cost $50 to fill up his little Honda, Moose threw up his hands and said "Enough." He did a great deal of research on how to bike to work without looking like a hard core biker. I told him I would support biking to work but I would not support those silly little biking outfits. Then he went out and stimulated the economy by buying a bike on Cragislist and now he is biking to work. I have already stopped driving almost every where. I drive to church, cello lessons and grocery shopping. If you have a family big enough for a mini van you don't have many options, the bus is NOT an option with 3 kids. Now we can put less money into the economy by economizing on our gas consumption. It all seems so very...Portland.

It is actually a good thing. Moose has been contemplating how to incorporate exercise into his life of late and this will save us a gym membership. It is only 7 miles round trip, but 7 miles of biking is more exercise than 7 miles of sweating it out in you unconditioned car. A great victory was won by me as I convinced him that he HAD to eat breakfast or I will not let him ride to work, the body can't do all that work on no fuel. In the past 2 days he has eaten more breakfast than he has our entire married life.

His bike looks enormous, it's not that is is big, the wheels are bigger than the bikes I am used to. It seems a little bit odd as we are small people , yet it seems to fit him. I will henceforth refer to it as the "Aluminum Horse" and I will tell people that Moose rode his horse to work which is laden with irony considering our origins.

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