Monday, May 19, 2008

Pet Peeves

Have have 2 pet peeves, oddly they both have to do with with words.
One is cutesy spelling or clever misspelling, call it what you will. "Kids Korner"drives me up the wall. Now I realize that I am being a bit hypocritical since my business is called "Cuddlebugg" but the cuddlebug domain name was already taken and that little girl was not giving it up. Also I think as far as spelling errors go, a double g is a minor sin. Some spell "Greg", "Gregg."

But far and away what really annoys me is when people say "samwich." What are these people thinking? "OK, here is a word, there is an 'n' and a 'd' which I am going to replace with an 'm'?" It is not as if "sandwich"is much harder to say than "samwich" you just need to be able to master the slightest bit of diction.

And what annoys me even further is when people who make the sandwich their business make the same mistake. Just listen the next time you hear a Subway commercial. Is proper pronunciation too much to ask of your paid professional voice actors????

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