Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Self Control

It has become apparent that I have very little self control. We just discovered Netflix's new little feature where you say... " I want to watch such and such now." And you watch it on your computer right then and there.

We sat down to watch a movie the other night and saw that they had the entire second season of Heroes. So we watched 3 that night, 4 last night and have 3 more planned for tonight. My poor husband is really tired since he has to get up for work. I just kept saying "Just one more?" and he never said "No." So we just kept watching.

I think the major criteria in the casting of males for Heroes is "Are you over 50 or SMOKING HOT?" We aren't talking about your run of the mill handsome people that you generally see on TV. Every single one is pure eye candy. It isn't fair to have that much beauty on one show..."

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