Monday, June 30, 2008

Aloha Oe!

Well, we are back from Hawaii, but still on vacation in Montana. We were so tired by the time we arrived that we were hard pressed to be good parents even though we have had a 2 week break to recoup.

Commander C is taller I swear, browner and older. The first thing out of his mouth was that he shot a gun and a shotgun. Welcome to Montana where you learn to shoot before you can tie your shoes. According to my family he is a really good shot. I was expecting danger in the form of a pocket knife not firearms.

Boba Fett is just the same, talkative and affectionate.
Nutmeg was asleep and then grumpy once she woke up, but she looks very cute in her Hula outfit.

The last day in Hawaii was very hot but finally after 2 weeks I learned the things I wanted to about Hawaii and saw some serious lava action thanks to Iolani Palace and the Bishop Museum.

The flight was more than frustrating, I refer to it as the Voyage of the Damned. It involved seating snafus, a peanut allergy, myself full of rage, 2 hours on the runway, extreme thirst, a medical emergency and running barefoot from one end of the Portland airport to the other in a couple of minutes.

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