Friday, June 27, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Things have not been going well. Saturday and Sunday on the Big Island were less than we had hoped and it put on 80 some miles more than the allotment on the rental car (of which we were unaware) and cost us even more money.
Monday was spent looking for a suitable place to lay our heads since the Kuhio Banyan Club was not acceptable. The picture is the view from the door of our room.

Tuesday at the Polynesian Cultural Center was not as great as everyone said it was.

Wednesday was the unfortunate Pearl Harbor Fiasco which ended in the worst fight of our marriage over a submarine, a pineapple drink and $20.

Thursday was the Dole Pineapple Plantation which is a complete tourist trap please do not waste your time there unless you a.) really, really have a thing for pineapples or b.) really love big mazes (which defeated us), and have lots of time. Otherwise, if you are still curious the signs around the place tell you everything the tour does and the gift shop is fully decked out in pineapple paraphernalia. Dole truly understands souvenirs.
Also Thursday we went to a surfing restaurant that ranked low on the good food scale and HIGH on the annoyance factor. Followed by a crushing (literally) defeat at boogie boarding on Oahu's North shore. Later Moose went to Lanikai Beach but it was cloudy, so, again he was thwarted. The two high points of the day were basking in the sun on the deserted North Shore and when I was at the salon getting my nails done the lady could not believe that the tips of my fingernails were naturally that white and strong. She held my hands up for all to see and then said, "Wacha washa wa cha wa ha hai, Oh, my gosh! Wash cha wa ch hi ha ho shi!" I was so proud.

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Shawnel said...

So sorry that your big island stay wasn't that great. But look at the bright side.... you are after all in Hawaii!