Wednesday, June 04, 2008

There Will Be No Government Subsidies

"L gets $5 a week just for being a good kid." Commander C informed us. He was angling for a similar compensation. I cringed because if L gets $5 then Commander C deserves $15, $10 on his bad attitude weeks. He is really a good kid and according to him L doesn't even have ANY chores.

We didn't say anything just then but I feel a little economic lecture is in order all about how we aren't a socialist household and no one gets money just for being there. Dad doesn't get paid just for being a good dad, or citizen or whatever and Mom certainly doesn't. A talk about self reliance and the only way to get money is to earn money. There are things he is expected to do as a member of this family but if he is willing to do extra there is that Help Wanted board right there in the School Room and there are plenty of opportunities for him to earn money.

Maybe L's parents need a little lesson in economics too.

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