Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ding Ding?

So I was walking out of the Spokane Valley Mall yesterday when I was nearly run over by a car.
The car was sitting outside of the mall making no noise. I logically assumed is was parked and turned off. Then it started moving toward me.
The woman was looking at me like "Are you crazy lady, Walking in front of my car!?!?"
I looked at her thinking "How is your car moving without making any noise?"

It was a Prius. I agree with Kiera those things are unnerving. They should make some sort of sound - maybe tinkling fairy bells?

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Ann Agent said...

I never knew this about the Prius. I'll have to go search one out and see if it hits me? just kidding...

Hey, I do update my blog, at least I set it up so I know when you update yours ;-)