Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hawaiian tunes

When we arrived in Hawaii we found that our rental car did not have a cassette player so the adapter we had for Moose's iPod wasn't going to work. This worked out OK for us because we were then able to sample the local Hawaiian music. Even the Hawaiian channel has the same problems as most radio stations on the mainland - they play the same 20 songs over and over again. We became very familian with the "It's the way you move your body" song and the "Spread a little Aloha around the world" song. But after the first week I made Moose buy a new adapter.

Our 2 favorites were "Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" both by IZ.

At the Luau there was a great little band. Someone requested "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and as they were playing the couple who had requested it danced. It was so sweet, no one else danced the whole night long but this couple danced for the whole song, so in love with 300 pairs of eyes fixed on them. We loved it.

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