Friday, July 11, 2008

Max Power Does Not Abbreviate

I think there should be a rule that abridged books should have "Abridged" in flashing red lights on them. I find it very irritating when you pick up a book only to find out later that it is abridged - I want the whole thing. Please to not pre-digest for me.

I have been listening to John Adams by David McCullough while driving across Montana, Idaho, and Washington. I liked it so much I picked up a copy of the book for my mom. I was flipping through the book and I started noticing passages that I certainly did not hear in my copy. So, I found the audio book case to see it I had the whole enchilada or not. I looked and looked and found nothing then finally in the tiniest font, amongst repeated "Simon & Schuster"s there it was "An Abridgement of John Adams." (see arrow on picture)
Apparently Edward Herman (who reads fabulously) wasn't up to reading the whole book.

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