Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kauai-day 4

Wednesday June 18, the we headed down to Poipu to try and locate a letterbox and to see Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn was very cool and we endangered ourselves by ignoring the warning signs and walking down on the rocks.Whilst at Spouting Horn we fed Nicki to a rooster for a good photo op, the rooster pecked at Nicki but discovered he was not food and ignored him.We did not find the letterbox but we really liked Poipu and thought that next time we will spend some more time down there . . . we could not tarry long because we had a sunset cruise scheduled with Captain Andy's.
We loaded up with about 30 other people on a catamaran and set out for the Na'Pali coast. We stopped and snorkeled for quite a while and then saw the beautiful views of the coast.
Mark Twain called these "the cathedrals of the Pacific." When we could see Ke'e beach we turned the boat around unfurled the sails and sailed back. We were served a tasty dinner on the way back and saw a lovely sunset. It was a great cruise and we thought it was certainly worth what we paid (two for one) but maybe not worth full price. We would also like to take the morning cruise sometime and have a better time of the day for snorkeling, but we would not have traded the sunset cruise.

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