Monday, July 14, 2008

We Are Just a Normal Happy Family

We were feeling a bit jaded yesterday as we watched America's Extreme Home Makeover Edition. We are just a normal family, no one has a deformity, disease or disability that makes life a continual challenge. Moose went to a well respected college and his parents footed the bill, he has great job. We haven't transformed a slummy neighborhood into a thriving, vibrant community. We haven't served in Iraq. For all of these things we are truly grateful but we are completely out of the running for Sears to give us a sickeningly fabulous home makeover.

So today when I inexplicably smashed my toe into the corner of the wall. Moose said "I am so sorry you are so uncoordinated. I can't imagine living life that way. I am so sorry." (He was being sincere.) We looked at each other and simultaneously we realized this could be OUR sob story. Maybe America's Extreme Home Makeover will built us a house for the clumsy.

I regularly fall up and down our stairs (once I was sure it was my final moment on earth.) Stub my toes frequently and hit the table with my hip constantly. There was one particularly unfortunate incident in my youth where I walked full speed into an open door and smashed my nose something awful. I do not play sports at all for fear of harm to myself and others. Sometimes, I hurt my children by accidentally falling, tripping over or scratching them.

On the tour of the house we can show all of the everyday household things that endanger me like the floor, countertops and drinking glasses. Ty will probably make my room, a special craft room with padded walls, furniture and safety scissors.

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