Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Hawaii Tales Kauai 3rd day

Tuesday, June 17 we started the day with breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen (see my pet peeves) for macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. This particular dish was highly recommended by the stewardess with poorly matched lip liner and lipstick on our flight.

I should have taken a picture of the pancakes. I ordered 2 not knowing they were each the size of a pan and 1/2 inch thick. I took the leftovers home and ate them for breakfast for the next 3 days. They were good but I don't think they deserved the raves the flight attendant gave them.

Then I took a lei making class at our resort which led to my subsequent search for a lei needle and smuggling it on the plane in my carry on.

Then we drove up to the north shore of the island and found The Queens Bath which is this really neat basin carved into the rock on the shore. The waves wash in but not out. Below is a picture of Nicki at the bath and the dark dot with white arms is me swimming in the bath.

The people are all concentrated on the right because it was a cloudy day with high tide and big waves would come in at that spot and turn the pool into a bubbly tub for a few seconds. There are some creepy black crabs living there that scared me to death.

After the bath we went to Hanelei Bay for some beach fun but it was cloudy and a little cold so we left and went to Tunnels beach for some snorkeling.
The snorkeling was so neat, apart from being smashed onto the reef by waves and some minor equipment malfunctions we had a great time. We spent a long time just hanging out on a wave with a turtle.
I attempted some boogie boarding but the reef kept getting in the way and I am apparently to uncool to figure it out. Brian brought home a sunburn from snorkeling for too long.

That evening we went to the Lu'au Kalamakū. This was one of the highlights of our trip. I learned to Hula...
The food was so-so but the show was so good. I am hard to please preformance wise (A semester in London studying theatre will do that to you) and I though everything was really well done and very professional. The costumes were very nice, the musice was phenomenal, lights and dancing very nice.
Brian had a crush on the singer in the band (no they don't have a CD) and I had a crush on the fire dancer along with all of the other women in the place.

Brian and Nicki enjoyed the poi, I did not.

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Jenny said...

I'm so flipping jealous!!! You are so pretty! mmmm...pancakes sound so good right now :)