Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sabbath Day

Our beautiful world:
Heavenly Father created this leaf. I find the shape lovely and have great desire to see a ginkgo tree, if you know where one is...

I am grateful that I have a comfortable home to live in. With all of its shortcoming and though everyone I know seems to have a better home. I have a home, it is nice and safe and for that I am blessed more than I deserve.

I am trying to not yell at my kids. Shouting is how I let of steam. I am not an abusive yeller, I just get loud when I feel stressed or when I have to tell a child something for the 9 millionth time. When they grow up and think of their mom I don't want them to remember yelling. I found this concept interesting and have made a "No losing my temper with the kids" bracelet.


Erika said...

I don't have a ginkgo tree, sorry. But I know how you feel about yelling. That's also how I let off steam. I'm striving right along with you.

Shawnel said...

Me too! As your sister we probably get it from the same place. I want a bracelet too!