Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get in Shape Girl!

Remember this?!? If you are too young, don't worry you didn't miss much except a near brush with an eating disorder.
Another thing about not being as young as I used to be is that I am less confident confident that the remaining traces of motherhood will disappear from my body, especially with Candy Cane Joe Joe's and Pumpkin Pie hanging around the house. Since there are only a handful of activities I will even attempt, let alone enjoy (archery, kayaking, hiking, swimming, yoga, and going on walks) I have settled on walking.
When did I decide this? Last night in bet at 12:30 am. Did I go this morning? No, I slept instead. What am I going to do while walking? Knit and listen to stories on Moose's iPod. What about the weather? That, you see, is a big problem, but today was a beautiful fall day, too bad I was asleep.
I will try again tomorrow. Do you dare me to wear a side ponytail?


Erika said...

I remember the outfits... When the weather was better I was walking 2 times a week. Now not so much. But I think I'm going to join a clogging group that meets at our church building. Nice indoor exercise.

Keira said...

I dare you to wear hand-knitted leg warmers. Do it.

Afton said...

I need to start walking too, but I'm going to wait until after the holidays so I can snack guilt free.