Monday, November 03, 2008


John McCain isn't my first or second choice for president. I would have rather seen Romney or Ron Paul on the ticket. I do however urge you to vote for John McCain.
Here are some facts you can not dispute.

John McCain has served our country all of his life.
John McCain literally suffered in the service of his country held as a prisoner of war for more than 5 years in Hanoi.
Allowing Obama to become president over McCain is an insult to all people who devote their lives to this nation.
John McCain loves this country.
John McCain has the humility to take the blame for his failed marriage.
John McCain is qualified to defend our country.
Barak Obama never admits any wrongdoing, he always weasels around it. Humility not one of his strengths.
Barak Obama has never accomplished anything as a lawmaker.
Barak Obama wants to change America. (I like America, don't you?)
With Barak Obama as president our nation will be vulnerable in SO many ways (see Joe Biden if you want an example.)
Barak Obama is against letting people use their agency. What is the most important gift our God has given us? Our agency.
I do not believe Barak Obama tells the truth.

And a question... Why does Obama keep all of his records even the proof that he is eligible to run for president if the United States of America secret? What is he hiding?

I don't think John McCain is the best candidate for president that we COULD have but I think that he is the best we DO have. Please Vote McCain tomorrow. Please value character and leadership above smooth talking and nice presentation.


Keira said...

I like this country too...

Viva la Revolucion!

President Momy said...

I love your post! Thank you!


standingfortruth2008 said...

Excellent post. (My wife forwarded it to me). Now is the time to vote on logic and conscience, not charm.

Yes on Prop 8 in California!

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Those pictures of your family are amazing and priceless! I love this country just the way it is...DC does need a serious overhaul. McCain's concession speech was moving and perfect. Bottom line fore me....we have the Prophet, I'll follow him. Whether this nation gets better or worse, at least we have the gospel.

Anonymous said...

The problems in this country were all pointed out in this post.

1) Too few leaders or citizens that are willing to sacrifice or serve.

2) People are too accepting of politicians lying.

3) People are willing to believe whatever they are told, and don't apply logic or demand proff nearly often enough.

Thanks for the post Kylene!

BundlebooMaMa said...

Good post...I feel the same, thank you!

Katharine Arzul said...

I know he wasn't the man you wanted in the White House, but I wish you could have seen Manuel's face when he heard "A Black Man" is going to be president of America! He's our houseman, a Malawian, didn't finish high school, and will probably never go to the States, but he's pleased as punch about Obama!