Saturday, November 01, 2008

October Reading List** With Update***

This month was fruitful but full of light reading. After Middlemarch I was in fine shape for anything but I chose to take a reading break so I read:

Goose Girl - By Shannon Hale
Read it in one night, one very long night. So cute a novel based on the fairytale, very creative.
4.5 out of 7 thimbles because it was entertaining and creative.

Austenland - By Shannon Hale
Also read this in one late night. Very fun and cute but predictable. Girl gets inheritance of a vacation to Austenland and place where you dress and act in Georgian style and find love.
3.5 out of 7 thimbles

Sister of My Heart - By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Read over a few evenings and one VERY, VERY late night. Tears were shed, friendships re-kindled. I loved this book. A book about sisterly love, marriage, and trials.
6 out of 7 thimbles

Eight Cousins - Louisa May Alcott
Still in the first third of the book. Not loving it - cute but fluffy. Not Little Women - not so far anyway.

***I forgot to mention***
Emma Brown - By Clare Boylan and Charlotte Bronte
Apparently Clare Boylan took Charlotte Bronte's unfinished manuscript and turned it into a book. I picked it up when I saw it at the library because my favorite book was written by Charlotte Bronte and I hopde this would be exciting. Alas, Bronte only wrote the first two chapters and Boylan them proceeded to re-write A Little Princess and the classic governess falls for someone in the house she works for, he is above her station, she is abused and thwarted story. I read the first few chapters and decided it wasn't worth my time. I have read those books before.
The Bronte Chapters 5.5 thimbles out of 7.
The Boylan Chapters 2 thimbles out of 7 for lack of originality and inability to hold my attention. It is not hard to keep me entertained.


Keira said...

Good for you for putting a book down. I used to guilt myself into plowing through a whole book I detested and than I realized that life is too short...

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