Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Light Fright, Moving Pictures and Tango

Tonight Moose and I indebted ourselves to our neighbor and sneaked out post trick or treating and caught a showing of Nosferatu at the Mission Theatre in Portland with the soundtrack played by Mood Area 52 (warning the clip is 9 minutes long.) It was very hip and very Portland. We felt so cool.
How did we come to know of this event? Well I learned of Nosferatu on this blog I read. I was curious and read up a bit on it then forgot about it. But a few day later I was watching Oregon Art Beat and they did a piece on Mood Area 52 and mentioned that they were playing Nosferatu on Halloween in Portland. So I thought we should learn more about this. I found a YouTube video of Nosferatu here. It looked like a bit of harmless spooky fun unlike scary evil vampire movies which I avoid. I thought we could watch it on the laptop on Halloween.
Then yesterday in the aftermath of pumpkin carving Moose and I decided to abandon our children after the great candy gathering and have some adult time. Finding a sitter on Halloween is a bit tricky, which is where our never ending gratitude to our neighbor comes in.
So anyway, like I said, Mood Area 52 was playing the soundtrack because Nosferatu is a silent film. Moving pictures- old school. They were great. Two words: Cello, Accordion.

The Mission Theatre is McMenamin's pub theatre so there were tables at the seats for eating your pub fare. It was fun venue. We like the Bagdhad better because it is kid friendly.

Nosferatu was a little long but very fun and a little spooky. I noticed some very admirable film techniques for 1922. I particularly like the mirror shot and when Hutter cuts his thumb.
I can't decide which was the spookiest shot, the shadow on the stairs, Count Orlok at the door or the vampire rising up in the hold of the ship.
I did not wear my Sarah Palin costume for fear of bodily harm. I needn't of worried however I don't think anyone would have accosted me at the theatre but there may have been belittling while standing in line.

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