Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

Today I lay on the couch attempting to rest listening to Looney Tunes which had been left playing on the TV. Boba Fett and Nutmeg were trying to coax their dad out of bed. I watched as they ran, then crawled, then crept and skipped in and out of the bedroom which is at the top of the stairs from the hallway on the other side of the stairs. First Boba Fett and then Nutmeg in the same manner. It was so funny, it was just like in cartoons when characters chase each other back and forth across the screen in and out of doors, and don't forget Looney Tunes was playing on the TV so I had the soundtrack. All I needed was to add the foot step sound effects "do-do-do-do-do." Moose later informed me that Boba Fett was trying to sneak up on him but it was pretty tough since Moose was lying in bed looking at the door.
Commander C the Rock Star

We tease around here. This evening as Boba Fett was deciding wether or not to partake of the salad he aked what salad was made of. Moose replied "Just lettuce..and monkey brains." Before Boba Fett could insert his enlarged eyes and open mouth expression Commander C piped in without missing a beat and in the perfect tone "Yeah, that's the purple stuff."(red oak leaf lettuce) It was flawless. Moose and I looked at one another and said "He has learned well."

I stayed home from church today since I was sick. I was feeling like I should use the quiet Sunday time to do something with Nutmeg who rarely gets my undivided attention. So I offered to play with the Blythe dolls with her. She eagerly agreed and we had a great time "playing dolls." Betsy gave Janie and Greta goodbye and hello kisses as she went to school. I can't wait until we get her doll house made.

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