Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eureka! (or more appropriately) Tiffin!

The date: October 12, 1997. The setting: the Bath Autumn Fayre. The cast: Myself (many years younger and dumpier) Katherine (just as lovely as always) and the ladies who hosted the Bath Autumn Fayre. The objects purchased: a hand knit (and in retrospect ugly) knit wool cap and a delightful confection that I immediately forgot the name of and have not been able to recall these 11 years.

I have found it and it is called Tiffin, here is a recipe. Digestive biscuits are a key ingredient. Digestive biscuits are a delight. Digestive biscuits are how I kept my baby fat and Freshman 15 (or so) while walking several miles a day. Digestive biscuits and Cadbury Dairy milk with caramel.

My favorite part of Bath apart from the Autumn Fayre is the bridge in the picture. There are shops all along the bridge and if you go downstairs in the shops you find yourself inside the bridge itself looking out the window.


Keira said...

Digestive biscuits--that's what the nurses are always feeding the doctor's in all those Betty Neels books. Your way looks yummo...

Samurai Mom said...

No wonder the Doctors fall in love with and marry the nurses. BTW - got my ballot today and started the depressing privledge of voting for lackluster candidates.