Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

This is Moose, the love of my life. No really, I have loved him since I was 14. Isn't that sweet? (Well, it isn't as sweet as you think but that is another story.) And today is his birthday.

Moose got his nickname from his gaming buddies. They shortened his username and started to call him just Moose, and it stuck. Sometimes I talk to his gaming friends and they call me Mrs. Moose. One year for Father's day we made shirts for the whole family that looked like this:
Moose likes to spend time on the computer, he likes to play the guitar and his favorite thing to do is sleep. He really does a lot of sleeping. It makes me very mad. But after 9 years I tolerate it until noon and then all bets are off.An hour or so after Nutmeg was born Betty and I were in the other room when we heard Moose giggling. We came in and this is what we saw:
He had but my new baby in a basket. He also likes to toss babies high into the air.
Moose likes to twirl his beard. He likes this so much that he has a little bald patch where he twirls. Here is a picture of Nutmeg mimicking her dad and twirling her beard at the computer.
Moose used to have a goatee, see:
That was when we were really young and he was still going to Purdue for his Computer Science degree. After school he landed his dream job as Unix Systems administrator for a certain very large computer chip company and we are here 7 years later and we love it, still.

Some things Moose would really like to have are
A sailboat
A jeep, and a guitar like Weezer plays to play Weezer songs.
Moose is a very good dad. If it were not for him this place would be chaos.
He is patient and kind and doesn't forget what he says to the children 5 seconds later like I do.
Moose does not eat paint very often but I just had to put this picture up.
Moose is always thinking and planning ahead. His is very good at strategy, from where to park the car at an even or the best escape route, or exactly when to buy a gift so you make sure you get it in time but no one knows you have purchased it. He is sneaky. Very sneaky.
Each year we go out and cut a real Christmas tree, Moose won't allow a fake tree and I am mostly glad about that. There is nothing like a real Christmas Tree.
The first birthday gift I remember Moose giving to me was a poster that had birthdays of famous people one for each day of the year. The first birthday present I gave Moose was an old pickle jar, full of skittles with a red Hot Wheels car hidden inside. He was turning sixteen. He kept the pickle jar, it is upstairs in our closet right now.
Happy Birthday, Moose, we love you very much.


Shawnel said...

Yay Moose! Happy Birthday! I bet know the best escape route comes in handy!

Keira said...

I have to say...he's aged beautifully.

Many Happy Returns...(what does that mean, anyway?)

Mossy Wife said...

Happy Birthday! :D