Thursday, October 23, 2008

Concievable Instances in which I Would Consider Voting for Obama

Here are some of the conceivable instances that might induce me to fill in that little circle for Obama. Lets just say I am not easily parted from my constitutional right and civic duty.

1.IF the prophet officially told the church to vote for Obama (just FYI that is highly unlikely)- or a strong prompting from the spirit. By strong I mean Alma the younger type revelation with the angels and the coma and such. Little whisperings aren't going to cut it.
2. IF someone were holding my children hostage and would kill them if I did not vote for Obama. But I am limiting it to my kids ( maybe niece and nephews), the rest of my loved ones will have to fend for themselves because the constitution and I are tight like that.
3. IF the CIA were using me as an agent and could convince me without a doubt that my small vote would in fact save the world and ensure peace and stability everywhere and that Obama's policies will all be thwarted by secret government agents thereby protecting the nation from his lunacy.

I thought of other things like a one bajillion dollar bribe or a vacation in Prague, (but seriously how could I live with myself knowing that I sold out my country) or he suddenly reverses his position on the economy, taxes, the purpose of government, national defence, global warming, energy, the war, health care, education, abortion and others. But even if he did that I wouldn't buy it because he always changes his story to be what people want to hear. "Well when I said 'spread the wealth' I didn't mean spread the wealth." "When I said 'lipstick on a pig' I didn't mean Sarah Palin." Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh. I wouldn't trust him to bring in my mail.

I heard someone yesterday say that "Barak Obama always says he wants to change America, not Washington. I like America, I don't want it changed. I want to change Washington."


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Keira said...

"the constitution and I are tight like that"...

I heart you Kylene.