Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why You Should Have a Wii

After seven years of attempting to watch conference on my computer with a non compatible operating system or watching tapes of conference that my neighbor made for me days after conference, this year I said "No more!" Moose figured out how to finally get it to play on my computer but watching conference on a tiny 2x2 box huddled around my laptop did not sound fun. Moose did some digging and figured out how to watch conference on the TV thought the Wii, our wireless network, and
Yet another reason to love having a Wii. I didn't have to sacrifice any principles to watch conference, no bowing to Microsoft, no signing up for cable and streaming more filth into my house, no waiting for the videotapes to arrive from the neighbors, no going to the the stake center and leaving my kids home since the idea of them sitting through conference at the Stake Center is ridiculous.
These are the children having a Dutch Puff picnic in the living room - I don't know what happened to their clothing.
Our fortifications arranged on the new very useful cabinet/table/buffet.
Watching conference on the couch in our jammies (like I said I don't know what happened to their clothes) for the first time in 7 years.

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Jenny said...

Conference MUST be watched in pj's with yummy snacks involved.