Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy needs a mommy

I feel a cold coming on. It started with the chiropractor visit and this morning was a slight cough. Moose is getting it too. I have been trying to rest but have not been successful. I have also been trying to take care of myself, but again unsuccessful. It is times like these when I need my mom to take care of me.

Here is a little photo I wanted to share with you that doesn't really warrant an entire blog post
The dark, mean side of Nutmeg. That is her mid swing as she hits me because she doesn't want her photo taken. She does this a lot it is something we need to work on.


Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Angry, blatant blow...but still she manages to look cute...mid-swat. How does she do it? I hope you are feeling better soon. Can I help you with anything? Chicken soup?

BundlebooMaMa said...

LOL...that picture is so funny, I see my life on its most hectic days with that one camera shot. My husband will use the line "its MY day off" with me when I ask him to do a task or take the kids for a few minutes so that I can hmmm..shower, eat, pee.. when do we get a day off???